Multi Tracks

Multi Tracks are each of the individual audio tracks that make up the mix of a song. Including the lead vocal! We offer the tracks for each song in 9 different keys!

With access to these tracks, you can take your practice time to the next level. Solo, mute, and mix tracks to your hearts content. Also use them in your live sets to supplement any instruments, loop/percussion tracks, or even vocal tracks you'd like to add!


Vocal Tracks

Vocal Tracks are each of the vocal tracks found within a song. Including the practice piano track and click/guide track. These tracks come in 9 different keys per song!

There's no better way to streamline your vocal rehearsals. Practice your part along with just the lead vocal, practice your lead part with only harmonies, or practice along with only the piano track. The possibilities are endless!


Premium Patches

With more and more modern worship music becoming synth and keys driven, having the right sounds is more important than ever. Our premium patches are high quality keyboard sounds built to sound identical to the album recording using premium software like Omnisphere, NI Kontakt, etc.

Don't waste time building synths and matching sounds ever again. Our premium patches recreate the keyboard sounds from the album exactly. Show up with the exact sounds you need for your set. It's that easy.


Mainstage Patches

For our mainstage-only users! These patches are created using only the program mainstage.

Each patch is created to sound as close as possible to the original recording with no extra software needed!


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