Verse 1

I am weary from the waves
Crashing over every day
God of mercy please come 
rescue me

Verse 2

I am longing for Your voice
Your gentle whisper in the 
Father tell me everything’s 
all right

Chorus 1

Your power, Your presence
Breaks strongholds 
King of Heaven
When You speak mountains move
I believe there will be 

Verse 3

You alone can take my scars
Piece by piece restore my heart
Take what’s broken, make it 
whole again


5 4 5
There will be breakthrough


Shake the mountains, break the 
walls apart
Open the heavens, Almighty God
You are Overcomer, Defender of 
my heart
By Your power the oceans 
open wide
Your fire falls down, Heaven 
and earth collide
King Jesus, forever by my side


There will be, there will 
be victory here
There will be, there will 
be victory here
There will be, there will 
be victory

Breakthrough - In the Bible [Verses & Devotional]

We all have days when we feel weary and overwhelmed by the waves of life crashing around us. In those moments, we can turn to God and cry out for His mercy and rescue. We can trust that He will hear our prayers and respond with His gentle whisper of assurance that everything will be alright. 

God's power and presence are greater than any stronghold we may face. When He speaks, mountains move and we can have faith that there will be breakthrough. He alone can take our scars and restore our broken hearts. He can take what is broken and make it whole again. 

We can call on God to shake the mountains and break the walls apart. He is the Almighty God and the Overcomer, the Defender of our hearts. By His power, the oceans open wide and His fire falls down. Heaven and earth collide and King Jesus is forever by our side. 

We can have faith that there will be victory here. We can trust in the promises of God and know that He will never leave us or forsake us. He is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1). He is our hope and our salvation (Psalm 62:5). He is our rock and our fortress (Psalm 18:2). 

Let us turn to God in faith and trust that He will bring breakthrough in our lives. He is faithful and He will never fail us.