Never Gonna Stop Singing
Jesus Culture, Kim Walker-Smith
This is a full MainStage Concert replicating the exact sounds heard on the album. This template includes 4 patches and contains preset controller mappings within MainStage for playing the song in a live setting. Patches Include: Pad: A warm, ambient pad using a LPF to open up into a bright, strings synth Air Pad: A buzzy, airy strings pad. Arpeg Synth: A saw synth with a quick decay using a 1/16 note arpeggiator cycling upwards. Piano: A two layer, bright percussive piano with chimes and other percussive elements layered on top. The sound uses a stereo 1/16 and 1/18 note delay and a long reverb. For detailed information on mappings and other patch info, refer to the PATCH NOTES file included in your download.
Software Required: MainStage 3, Omnisphere 2, NI Kontakt: The Giant, Valhalla Room
Strings Synth
Air Pad
Arpeg Synth
Bright Echo Piano