Only Wanna Sing
Hillsong Young & Free
This is a full MainStage Concert replicating the exact sounds heard on the album. This template includes 3 patches and contains preset controller mappings within MainStage for playing the song in a live setting. Patches Include: Pulse - Pad: A dual pulsing synth in the lower portion of the keyboard (G-3 and down) with one arpeggiator using 1/8 notes and the other using 1/16 notes. The upper portion of the keyboard (G#-3 and up) uses a bright synth pad with a 3 second decay. ynth Short: A short, punchy synth with a very quick decay. Synth Lead: A powerful, trance, lead synth. A second layer of synths is transposed an octave up to give the synth a massive wide sound. For detailed information on mappings and other patch info, refer to the PATCH NOTES file included in your download.
Software Required: MainStage 3, Omnisphere 2
Pulse Pad
Punchy Synth
Trance Lead