Chasing You
Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson
This is a full MainStage Concert replicating the exact sounds heard on the album. This template includes 2 patches and contains preset controller mappings within MainStage for playing the song in a live setting. Patches Include: Lead/Pad: A modified analog waveform that sounds like an aggressive glockenspiel. A 3 second reverb paired with a dotted 1/8 delay gives the note some sustain. This sound uses the upper half of the keyboard (B-4 and up). The lower half of the keyboard (A#-4 and down) uses a pulse waveform for a mild synth background layer. Pulse: A buzzy repetitive sound using a stereo saw waveform utilizing a 1/16 note arpeggiator. A 4 second reverb paired gives the note some sustain along with a stereo delay, 1/4 note left, 1/8 note right. For detailed information on mappings and other patch info, refer to the PATCH NOTES files included in your download.
Software Required: MainStage 3, Omnisphere 2
Buzzy Pulse Lead