Joy To The World
Hillsong Worship

This is a full MainStage Concert replicating the exact sounds heard on the album. This template includes 2 patches and contains preset controller mappings within MainStage for playing the song in a live setting. 

Patches Include:

Piano: A massive, dynamic piano with heavy compression and a very thick reverb. The “ValhallaR” reverb plugin uses a large room reverb with a pre-delay of 10ms and a decay of 6s. The piano will work well with any reverb with similar settings.




Synth Keys: A plucked, percussive synth piano with multiple layers. With the mod wheel down the plucked piano uses just the main layer, and raising the mod wheel will add in octave layers above and below the pitch. A synth pad covers the entire keyboard as well smoothing out the reverb. The mod wheel also affects the pad tone. There is a dotted 1/8 and 1/4 note stereo delay as well.




Bright Pulse - Lead: A two layer synth. The first layer covers the lower portion of the keyboard (B-3 and down) and uses a bright, percussive synth that pulses at a 1/16 note rate. The pitch is transposed one octave above the played note and there is another light octave layer below the main pitch. The second layer in the top portion of the keyboard (C-4 and up) uses a bright, aggressive synth lead with a quick attack and light reverb.

Software Required: Omnisphere 2, NI Kontakt: The Giant, Valhalla Room
Bright Pulse + Lead
Reverb Piano
Synth Keys