Come Right Now

This is a full MainStage Concert replicating the exact sounds heard on the album. This template includes 1 patch and contains preset controller mappings within MainStage for playing the song in a live setting.


Patches Include:


Punchy Synth: A bright, short punchy synth with a bell-like, hollow tone to it. It has a quick decay and light reverb.




Pulsing Synth: A bright, shimmery, trance synth with octave harmonics. It pulses at a 1/4 rate and swells on the off beats.




Round Lead: A mono lead with a bright, round tone to it. It uses a little pitch glide and light reverb.





Dirty Lead: A bright aggressive lead synth with some octave harmonics and it has a gritty tone.

Software Required: Omnisphere 2
Punchy Synth
Pulsing Synth
Round Lead
Dirty Lead