Melodie Malone moved to Atlanta in 2009 to work for WinShape camps, where she served as a worship leader until 2014. During her time at the camp, Passion City Church was in its early stages of development, and Melodie felt called to be a part of it. She witnessed the Holy Spirit's movement within the church and desired to be a part of it.

Melodie began serving at Passion City Church and joined the choir. In due course, she became a worship leader, which led her to join Passion Music. As a member of this group, Melodie has been able to lead worship and record music with people from across the nation.

Melodie's involvement with Passion Music has opened doors for her to travel to various places to lead worship. The two most notable locations were South Africa and Israel. In Cape Town, she led worship in a soccer stadium, where she witnessed the power of the gospel bringing people together from different cultures. In Israel, Melodie had the opportunity to visit the places where Jesus walked and talked, which brought scripture to life.