Molly Kate Skaggs is a resident of Sophia, NC, who has been playing piano for Jonathan and Melissa Helser since 2010. Her passion lies in helping students connect with the heart of Jesus on a personal level, and she serves as a school pastor and worship leader at the 18 Inch Journey. As a music teacher, Molly Kate finds great joy in guiding her students towards understanding God's love and their own identity through the medium of sound and creativity.

Molly Kate is a key member of Cageless Birds' music team, collaborating with her bandmates in songwriting, composition, and overall musical direction. She co-leads the Music and Worship department and is dedicated to pioneering new sounds and style that align with the Cageless Birds' vision and artistic goals.

In 2017, Molly Kate released her first solo album, Overtaken, which showcased her talents as a singer-songwriter and composer. With her unique voice and exquisite musicianship, she continues to inspire and uplift those around her.