Bryan & Katie Torwalt
Bryan & Katie Torwalt

ArtistBryan & Katie Torwalt

Bryan and Katie Torwalt are renowned artists, songwriters, and worship leaders. They reside in Sacramento, California, with their beautiful daughter, Indigo, where they have been part of Jesus Culture Music since 2010.

Bryan and Katie are deeply passionate about writing songs for the church, aiming to transform the earth into heaven's likeness. Their debut album, Here On Earth, featured the Grammy-winning original song Holy Spirit, which opened the doors for many to experience powerful worship.

The Torwalts latest single, "Miracle In The Works," quickly climbed to number one on Air 1, inspiring them to work on more music. In May 2022, they released their brand new live worship album, I've Got Good News, which is already making waves in the Christian music industry.

Bryan and Katie Torwalt continue to inspire and touch the hearts of many with their devotion and music that reflects their passion for worship.