Covenant Worship is a Christian worship music band hailing from Dallas, Texas, in the U.S. The group originated at Covenant Church, an interdenominational religious organization established by Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes in 1976. They independently released their first two albums, Heaven on Earth in 2009 and Never Going Back in 2010.

Since then, Covenant Worship has released four live albums: Standing in 2012, Kingdom in 2014, Take Heart in 2016, and Sand and Stars in 2017. In 2017, after the release of Sand and Stars, the worship pastors, David and Nicole Binion, along with their daughter Madison "Gracie" Binion or MDSN, felt that their time with Covenant had come to an end, after being urged by God to move on.

Since then, the band has released two live albums, a studio album (along with Covenant Church youth worship group Cov Kid), and an instrumental album. The heartfelt worship and storytelling in their music are a testament to their commitment to engaging with and inspiring their listeners.