Israel Houghton is a highly skilled worship leader, singer-songwriter, and producer with over three decades of experience in full-time worship ministry. He has always been dedicated to using his music to break down cultural and denominational barriers. In 1995, he founded New Breed Ministries with a group of incredibly talented musicians and singers, and they quickly gained popularity for their diverse sound. Together, they toured extensively throughout the United States, spreading their powerful message to churches everywhere. Houghton's recording career began with the release of "Whisper It Loud" and "Way of the World" in 1997, followed by "New Season" in 2001, which was their first Sony album. This was followed by "Real" in 2002 and "Live from Another Level" (on both CD and DVD) in 2004. Their performance in Cape Town in front of 8,000 attendees was captured in "Alive in South Africa" in 2005, while their holiday album "Timeless Christmas" was released a year later. In 2010, "Love God. Love People. The London Sessions" was released, followed by "Decade," a comprehensive two-disc, 26-track career overview released by Integrity in 2012. Houghton and New Breed continued to document their travels with "Covered: Alive in Asia," which was released in 2015, showcasing their unwavering commitment to spreading their message of love and unity through music.