Taylor, Madison, and Logan Cain were raised in Alabama by their father, who was a pastor. They were homeschooled until they reached high school. Even from an early age, the siblings were musically inclined. At just four years old, Taylor wrote her first song, a Christmas song, and Madison and Logan joined her on vocal harmonies.

The Cain siblings attended Troy University in Alabama together. In 2012, they entered a contest to open for singer-songwriter Dave Barnes, which they ended up winning. This catapulted their career, and they took the leap to move to Nashville, quitting their jobs to pursue music full-time.

Today, Taylor, Madison, and Logan Cain are a rising star in the country music industry, captivating audiences with their authentic sound and heartfelt lyrics. Their deep roots in their faith and family bring a unique flavor to their music, making them a standout trio.