Charity Gayle is a talented praise & worship leader originally from Buffalo, New York. In the mid-2010s, she launched a successful recording career, earning much attention for her critically acclaimed debut album, Lord You Are My Song, which released in 2018.

Before turning to music full-time, Charity established herself as a worship pastor and music ministry director. In 2012, she was named GMA Immerse Vocalist of the Year, and she began to write songs for the People & Songs roster. There, she played an instrumental role in developing new Christian musical talent through The Emerging Sound, People & Songs' camp.

Charity's debut single, "Divine Exchange," dropped in 2014, which quickly followed by her EP of the same name. She was featured as a prominent artist at the North American Youth Congress in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2017.

With her exceptional talent and devotion to worship, Charity is a revered figure in the Christian music industry. She has inspired many with her heartfelt music and continues to touch the lives of people globally.